Au natural and Seasoned Oysters
Au natural and Seasoned Oysters



Eating fresh oysters is arguably the best way to enjoy their subtle flavours, as with everything in life, everyone’s tastes differ, some people swear that you shouldn’t add anything at all while others like simple seasoning or others go all out with strongly flavoured or spiced sauces.

Our recommendation? Try them all and decide for yourself, but here are a few ideas to whet your appetite...

1. Lemon juice.

Squeeze a few drops over your oyster.​

2. Tabasco sauce.

Two drops is plenty!​

3. Freshly cracked black pepper.

4. Shallot and red wine vinegar.

Finely chopped shallot mixed with red wine vinegar. Add half a teaspoonful to each fresh oyster.

​5. Bloody Mary.

Tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, black pepper, good quality vodka. Add the mix to your oyster and enjoy!

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